UG = Undergraduate; PG = Postgraduate; MBA = Master of Business Administration

University of South Australia, Australia (2015 ~ Present) 

Selected Comments from Recent Students:

"Chad is a great discussion facilitator and sets clear expectations for what is required from students when learning in an external environment. A really interesting and insightful course that teaches leadership skills that managers can apply immediately. My goal was to try any apply a leadership theory with my team each week while learning from Chad and his presenters." ~~ from a MBA student, SP3 2020.

"Chad always makes the class involved in order to help us learn more effectively, I enjoy the ability to balance actual theories with our personal opinions to answer questions. He ensures everyone understands the course content, and is always more than happy to help out." ~~ from a undergraduate student, SP5 2020.

"Chad is a great teacher, it was evident that he was passionate about what he was teaching. He often backed things up with examples which really assisted my learning and understanding of concepts. He supported everyone's learning by giving feedback and advice for assessments." ~~ from a undergraduate student, SP5 2019

  • Leadership for Grwoth (BUSS 5438; 2020 ~ present; MBA)

  • Organisational Leadership (BUSS 3050; 2017~ present; UG & UniSA Online)

  • Foundations of HRM (BUSS 2043; 2016 ~ 2019; UG)

  • Research for Business Decision Making (BUSS 5397; 2016; PG)

University at Buffalo, SUNY, USA (2011 ~ 2015) 

Selected Student Comments:

“He loves his job and he knows a lot about OB and HRM! As an HRM student he really made me excited to learn and understand the importance of OB theories and skills to have for the future. Chiu is really good at presenting information and theories. I like how he gives lecture and then we discuss the theories and we are tested on them.” 

“He is one of the best professors I ever had. He always tries to make the class more interesting and fun. He shows the video clips that are related to the materials. This really helps a lot. He also tries to give a lot of feedback to students”

“What more could anyone ask from him? I felt that he did substantially better than many of the other instructors I’ve had at UB, despite the fact that he is still building up his experience. I would say to keep doing whatever he is doing and attempt to build further on his video examples. They are useful and seem to strike a cord with other classmates if they have difficulty understanding something.”

  • Organizational Behavior (MGB 301; 2012 - 2015; UG)

  • Human Resource Management (MGI 301; 2011 - 2015; UG)