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CWeX HDR Brownbag Meeting 3 Feb 2021

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

When I was a doctoral student at UB, I found brownbag meetings (hosted by my advisor Prof. Paul Tesluk) are quite useful for students to discuss and cope with their encountered challenges in their Ph.D. journey. Now I have the chance to provide the same service to our HDR students.

On 3 February, I worked with my colleague Dr. Frank Huo and two CWeX student leaders, Amy Parkin and Julia-Anna Maier, to host the first CWeX HDR brownbag meeting in 2021. We invited two outstanding CWeX alumni - Dr. Ashok Manoharan (Flinders) and Dr. Beni Halvorsen (RMIT) to share their Ph.D. experience at UniSA. Both of them provided insightful suggestions for our HDR students. I personally also have learned a lot from them. Thank you Ashok and Beni!

We plan to run these brownbag meetings monthly to cover different topics about finishing a research degree. I look forward to the next meeting!

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