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Find Your "Oxygen Mask" to Avoid Leadership Burnout

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

On 21 April 2021, I was invited to present the research findings of our recent projects about leadership burnout (collaborate with Matylda Howard, Edi Lopes Mclnnes, Carol Kulik, & Michelle Tuckey) at the Non-Profit Leadership Conference. Over 160 CEOs and senior managers participated in the event.

We have made several suggestions for organisations:

  • Organisational leaders need to know how to protect themselves before helping others.

  • Healthy and energised leaders are usually more effective.

  • Organisaitonal leaders need to be aware of their energy level and take necessary actions to get their "oxygen masks".

  • Good leaders/managers are "good eggs" in organisations, and they need to be protected from being exhausted.

The presentaion slides and a summary of preliminary findings can be downloaded here:

Energised to Lead_non-profit leadership
Download • 593KB

Energised to lead_Initial Research Repor
Download • 119KB

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