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The Humble Advantage_The William Ah Ket Leadership Program

In this panel discussion, A/Professor Chad Chiu (Adelaide Business School, University of Adelaide) will introduce leader humility from a research perspective, encompassing its definition, empirical evidence of benefits, potential drawbacks, and application in diverse cultural contexts. Leader humility entails a leader’s recognition of limitations, admission of mistakes, and openness to others’ perspectives. Extensive research provides compelling evidence that humble leaders cultivate positive work environments, enhance employee engagement, foster teamwork, and boost organisational performance. However, excessive humility can be misconstrued as weakness, necessitating a delicate balance between humility and assertiveness. Cultural nuances significantly impact the expression and effectiveness of leader humility, underscoring the importance of cultural adaptability and contextual sensitivity. This discussion aims to inspire leaders to embrace humility as a powerful tool for fostering positive workplace dynamics and achieving organisational success.

The presentation slide can be downloaded here:

The Humble Advantage_23 August 2023_Shared file
Download PDF • 1.88MB

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